Noche de Calvera II @ Regime Contemporary

Had a blast painting “Anicca” which is available for purchase at the Regime Contemporary Gallery in the Mayfair Hotel in DTLA.  Graffiti Art fans should check out the space- RISK has done a great job of curating interesting and fun fine art pieces with neon and mixed media.


 CHECK OUT the latest Elder poster and t-shirt design that I’ve been fortunate to jam on for the lovely Ms. Rynne Stump. LIMITED RUN of posters will be available at the show this SUN AUG 12 @ Mississippi Studios. 

If you like this check out more Stumpfest work in my CLIENT page


I just LOOOOOOOOOVE drawing and painting your animals, and I really get into the details of each little speck of color, or the way the light hits your fur baby’s eyes. To get a great painting and composition requires some photography on your part, and I can give you advice on lighting, angles, etc to complete the right look you desire. 

Because I tailor-make each piece to your needs, please convo through my contact page here and send photos for estimated sizing, pricing, and turnaround, and I will send you more details. 


Loteria Show! @ Cactus Gallery March 12th 6-9 pm

Here’s my Loteria #26 EL NEGRITO for Cactus Gallery’s 11th Anniversary show this weekend! This 8” x 10” acrylic on canvas is a portrait of Toussaint Louverture “The Black Napoleon” and can be purchased through the Gallery at this link:

Tidbit: François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture was the best-known leader of the Haitian Revolution. His achievements set the grounds for the Black army’s absolute victory and for a declaration of the sovereign state of Haiti in January 1804. Toussaint’s prominent role in the Haitian success over colonialism and slavery had earned him the admiration of friends and detractors alike.


Saturday, Dec 12th was my first time as a vendor at this highly anticipated sale of all things dark and lovely and handmade- just in time to get all those holiday gifts for everyone, (or for yourself if you are bad at planning like me!) If you happened to have missed out- I won’t rub it in too much that it was pretty much the best shopping event of the year, and combined with a friends-from-all-corners reunion made for a helluva party atmosphere. I was lucky to have Tina B from Littlecat Pottery as my super adorable booth partner. I just love her ceramic wares and I have some myself and they have also made great gifts- (ok I guess I’m not ALWAYS that bad at gifting!) Some more good luck that day was that I was actually able to make it to the event even though I was recovering from surgery, so A HUGE THANK YOU to the friends who came to my rescue and hauled all my stuff for me. I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on all the fun and I can’t wait till next year’s event.

Bitchcraft is thoughtfully curated and run by an amazingly talented and supportive team of ladies- Rachel Hsuing-Crystal Habitats, Erica Clum - Goldmine + Earthling Jewelry,  Alex Comacho- Acid Queen Jewelry, photographer Tanya Barr photographer, and Kristina Boudreau- web developer/designer.

D R A W N -I N 2

Happening this Saturday July 11th and goes for Two Months! I’m so thrilled to be showing my two antique framed crow drawings alongside some of my favorite artists at Q Art Salon. The show opening goes from 7-11 at the beautiful gallery at 205 N Sycamore st. in the art district of Santa Ana. For RSVP- please email INFO@QARTSALON and I’ll see you there <3

Death to the Metro

Fuck the fucking bus.


Had I not just speed-walked some of my anger off while on my why to the goldline, I probably would still be too mad to write.
but I’ve calmed down.
trying to breathe, let go.


At around 2:00 pm I walk up to a parked bus in front of the metro terminal in CP. The bus is #751, the one I need, but since it is just idle I ask a sloppy fat fuck in a florescent metro vest if this is the right bus to the Goldline. He says yes, but you’ll need to go stand by the sign.

So I walk 30 feet up to the first sign. It says #751 on it, but so does another sign another 50 feet beyond this one. I stand there, debating on which sign to stand under, and figure I’m ok just where I am and to just stop overthinking things.

I stand there, doubting my decision, yet holding strong. The pickup at this stop is supposed to be 2:06, and it’s now 2:10, but bus is still just sitting there. No big deal, I wait a little more and finally hear the engine start up and see the bus moving towards me.

IT FUCKING DRIVES RIGHT PAST ME and stops at the next sign. I wave and curse as I hurry towards it.


So this is my personal “Fuck You” complaint to the douchebag driver, who managed to answer my question, direct me to a sign, and then proceed to roll right by me. You are a total dick and I hope you have a bad case of jock itch from all that sitting around in your shitty polyester blend dockers or whatever the hell your uniform is made of.

I’m on the Goldline now, really hoping that I still make it to my appointment on time, and I’m trying to regain some sense of composure that the cocksucker stole from me today.

I did get to my dentist appointment on time. But it had been canceled and they weret able to notify me in time thanks to my broken cell phone.
Turns out I’ll just have to come back another day….


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