Notes on just a few days in Chicago


Logan Square: Don Bucios Tacos for decent vegan + GF happy hour bites, mescal margs and pretty damn tasty mushroom asada and al pastor tacos. Chicago Diner for V+GF Cheesecake- really thick slice that is the NY “baked” style with gramcracker crust. Not too sweet and dense like the real thing. The plates of food are ok, and there’s alcohol and a good selection of options. Dairy eaters can have real cheese (a plus if you are bringing a non-vegan or regular vegetarian) but nothing to be excited about.

Wicker Park: Bloom Probably one of the best vegan restaurants I’ve ever eaten at and I can’t wait to return. Brunch was stuffed french toast with berry compote, and a mushroom burger that was INSANE. Not sure if it was a maitake, oyster or hen of the woods ( the waitress called it a “forest mushroom” but whatever the fuck it was was crispy and delish, seasoned with sechuan spice, dill cornichons and pickled cabbage. Man I want that again!! The place had such a light and beautiful atmosphere, like a mini trip to Tulum inside. Very tastefully done.

Andersonville: Chicago Diner (again) but this time at the original spot in the very LGBTQ+ friendly gayborhood. Cute retro interior, and a very angelic faced happy AF queer host. They’re known for their vegan shakes and the peanut butter chocolate one was delish.


Kite String:The only bar-bar we went to. Friends of a friend we were visiting and we loved it. A corner bar with non-discript gray wood exterior, with huge windows that open out so the space feels like a patio. Great mescal and tequila selection, as well as NA. G4 was a new reposada I tried- super super smooth. The GF+ NA beer was incredibly great: 

Go Brewing Freedom Cali Pale 0.5%  California-style pale ale is crafted without gluten. AND IT TASTES LIKE BEER. No idea why, but it had a cheesy American (ironic?) flag on it. Whatever the reason- I want that in my fridge please, as well as some cans of Marz- a 30 mg full spectrum cbd sparkling soda with hops.  Fave one so far! The wife of Andrew the bartender (Katie? Sorry I forget her name) is an amazing chef and has all these premade taquitos to take away or eat at the bar. Of course we had to try both GF V versions- a butternut al pastor and a nacho cauli. Both great, and I think I like the first of the two the best. Good vibes, food, drinks and company= kinda fuckin perfect spot. 

CAFFEINE: Bru in Wicker park has great matcha and cbd coffee, gaslight in Logan (pretty decent but not the right vibes for us) and Wormhole in Wicker had fun atmosphere and great music. 

Besides constantly stuffing our faces, we also made time for the Art Institute, I ALWAYS make time for that place! and plenty of walking around. I think in two and a half days we clocked more than 22 miles, which makes me happy because it’s one of my favorite things to do on a vacation. just wander around and see what happens. The smoke from Canada wasn’t around on Saturday so we headed to the breezey riverwalk. Not my fave part of town, but a nice place to enjoy breakfast on a park bench, people watch and take in the old architecture. Nighttime walking was exhilarating with rain and lightning blowing about, and on Sunday the winds must have shifted with the sporadic storms because the air was a thick and oppressive haze. Fortunate we had such great luck already, the city showing off a little of her best behavior for us.

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